2019 Shenzhen International IoT and Smart Future Exhibition

newsJan 14, 2020 2:47:48 PM

The three-day exhibition from December 19th to 21st, 2019 was successfully concluded. The theme of this exhibition was “Internet of Things China, Smarter Future”, which attracted many outstanding companies to participate.


Hee Hee Dog Locator
Yuncheng GPS tracker product "Hee Hee Dog" is a tracking and anti-lost smart wearable device for "home", which integrates various positioning such as long-range satellite precise positioning, SOS emergency alarm, acceleration motion sensing, NB-IoT data communication And anti-lost function.

Officially authorized by Huawei, NB-IoT wireless communication module supports 3GGP-Rel13 / 14. Boudica150 platform has compact size and ultra low power consumption.

CFB-801 is a NB-IoT standard communication module with a frequency range of 617-960MHz and 1710-2200MHz. It initially supports Band1, 3, 5, 8, 20, and 28 bands.

Smart health watch CCR02
A healthy indicator, unobtrusive, easy to use, never off screen, long standby

Yuncheng Smart Electric Box
Intelligent electrical management, efficient and reasonable power consumption, and power saving

NB-IoT smoke alarm
Report alarm and fault information in time; users can use App / WeChat to receive alarm, fault and other information; management center can receive alarms, locate locations, track and check equipment operation status, and remind users to regularly test; App and management center can view associated camera video .

NB-IoT car tracker
This product is based on the NB-IoT communication network and GPS + BeiDou satellite positioning system. It locates or monitors remote targets through the Internet. It uses the most advanced GPS + BeiDou and LBS dual positioning. The NB-IoT communication method has low power consumption and low signal transmission. Thorough advantages. The product is designed according to a universal wide-voltage on-board product, which can be directly used in electric vehicles, motorcycles, logistics vehicles, private cars and other models without external transformers. The product has a smart and simple appearance and simple and convenient installation.


The NB-IoT DTU board is a wireless data transmission product for the Internet of Things. This product uses the NB-IOT network to provide users with wireless long-distance low-power data transmission functions. This product adopts a high-performance industrial-grade NB-IoT wireless chip design, making full use of NB-IoT's ultra-low power consumption, strong network coverage and support for large-capacity user access. The embedded real-time operating system is used as the software support platform. Provide RS232 interface to realize transparent data transmission function.

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Shenzhen Institute of Communications visited the company booth

About Yuncheng Technology

Shenzhen Yuncheng Technology Co., Ltd. is an official IoT module production and sales manufacturer authorized by Huawei. It has a complete product line covering NB-IoT modules and rich industry experience. One-stop service including solution and cloud platform management. The company's products are mainly used in tracking and positioning, smart cities, smart security, smart education, industrial applications, and mechanical equipment. For more information, please visit the official website of Yuncheng http://www.ccfrom.com or send an email to Wilson@ccfrom.com.