NB-IoT Industry Application Development Forum and

newsApr 30, 2020 4:45:12 PM

[Shenzhen, China] On October 30, 2017, the NB-IoT Industry Application Development Forum and the CCFROM CFB-608 Product Promotion Conference of Yuncheng Technology NB-IoT Module, jointly organized by China Telecom and Yuncheng Technology, opened in the multi-functional hall of Shenzhen Information Hub Building. This activity has been strongly supported by Huawei, Shenzhen Communications Association, Shenzhen Institute of Public Anti-counterfeiting Technology and Internet of Things Applied Research, Panyi Science and Technology, etc. The conference was crowded with heavyweight guests. Relevant leaders and guests delivered very wonderful speeches, witty words and brilliant.

Some leaders and guests attending the event

In his speech, Mr. Chen Shisheng, General Manager of Information Solution Center of Shenzhen Branch of China Telecom, said that the coverage and number of base stations of China Telecom's NB-IoT network are the most advantageous in China. Strategic cooperation with Huawei and Yuncheng Technologies will promote the application of NB-IoT industry and contribute to the development of the Internet of Things.

Address by Shen Chunsong, Chairman and CEO of Yuncheng Science and Technology

Huang Miao, Director of NB-IoT Industry Application of China Telecom, delivered a keynote speech entitled "New Age, New Trends, New Networks, New Capabilities, New Ecology, Embrace All Things Wisdom Alliance, Help Wisdom City". It also mentions the advantages of China Telecom NB-IoT: 1) Broad coverage, full coverage network deployment based on 4G, 4G can provide NB-IoT services. 2) the largest scale, synchronous upgrading of the network of 310,000 base stations; 3) the best quality, based on 800MHz low-frequency load. China Telecom has set up demonstration models in various applications, such as intelligent water, intelligent environmental water quality monitoring, intelligent garbage bin monitoring, intelligent well cover monitoring, intelligent new street lamps, intelligent fire hydrant monitoring, intelligent parking application, intelligent sharing bicycle, intelligent electric vehicle, intelligent industrial equipment preventive maintenance service, NB-IoT small air station test data, etc. China Telecom will push forward. All things are connected to help build a wise Shenzhen. The cooperation between China Telecom and Yuncheng Science and Technology will also be closer and deeper, together promoting the development of NB-IoT.

Deng Zhouyu, Chief Technical Expert of Huawei NB-IoT

The special guest of this event is Dr. Zhang Xiaofeng, executive vice president of Shenzhen Institute of Public Anti-counterfeiting Technology and Internet of Things Applied Research, CEO of Bee Colony Internet of Things Think Tank, who is engaged in the cognitive understanding of things, to discuss the painful points of wisdom city and Internet of Things, to think systematically about the changes of the Internet of Things in the world, and to help entrepreneurs of all wals think about the development direction of enterprises from the source.