Company's annual Yunnan Tourism

newsApr 30, 2020 4:46:15 PM

In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enrich employees'amateur cultural activities, the company organized five-day Yunnan tourism activities in Mangshi, Ruili and Tengchong from November 30 to December 4, 2016.

What kind of company travel is the most comfortable? Traveling while working, or worrying that the tasks assigned by the big BOSS before traveling have not been completed? No no no!! These are not! What we want is to play as much as we can, and what we want is to enjoy our leisurely travel time. Yes, we are. Our trip to Yunnan is a sentence: "Happy! Happy! Happy!" Attached below is a beautiful picture. Close your eyes and look at it carefully. It's beautiful.

The trip to Yunnan is over. While we carefully review this trip, we begin to coordinate a new round of work. I believe that everyone will put more energy and enthusiasm into their work, because we are all Yuncheng people, we are all one family.