Yuncheng Annual Party 2019-2020 ends successfully

newsJan 14, 2020 2:46:30 PM

For many people January 11 is just an ordinary Saturday

But for us Yuncheng people, this Saturday is in
During the annual meeting with the theme of “Quit the old and welcome the new, build a dream forward”
With joy and laughter
What fun things happened that night!
Let's review it together ...


Of course, the opening of the annual meeting is inevitable.

President Shen used the three words "difficulty", "unity" and "persistence"
Summarize the difficulties and challenges encountered in 2019
At the beginning of the 5G era, we must seize opportunities and meet challenges in 2020

Achieve greater breakthroughs in 2020


Wonderful performances

Dance "semi-sugarism" brought by a few girl groups

Songs from handsome guy Han Gong
"Big City, Small Love"

A stand-up comic brought by the talented technician Yang Gong
"New Year's things"
(I have to say that the technical department Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are all versatile.)

Recitation brought by Lin Kailong
"Chinese New Year Nursery Rhymes"

The flute played by the handsome Wang Wang son of the Ministry of Technology
"Worm fly"
One performance after another made the atmosphere lively


Let's see who is out of luck
Take away the first, second and third prizes

Third prize winners drawn by President Yin, President Zhang, and President Chen

The second prize winner drawn by the two presidents Wang

First prize winner drawn by President Shen
Round after round of draws brought the atmosphere to a climax
(Review the moments)

I wish the winners and no winners in the new year
Good luck and luck
Wish the company a new breakthrough and development in the new year
The future is booming